Governemnt NGO Website Service Pakistan

Governemnt NGO Website Service Pakistan

Governemnt NGO Website Service Pakistan Alfalah Host is well known in providing end to end IT solutions to Government Agencies/ Departments & NGO’s which can help them become more efficient, accessible and also reform the citizens’ experience.

Non Government Organizations (NGO’s), charities and third sector organizations play an essential role in both society and the world around us – these are the organizations that help shape a better place for us all to live in.

We fundamentally understand that designing websites for NGO’s differs from straightforward commercial projects as NGO websites often have a diverse range of stakeholders ranging from individual beneficiaries to high level government officials who all have very different needs and objectives. Governemnt NGO Website Service Pakistan

Designing an NGO website is often far more complex than for example, a simple donation based charity website. Advocacy focused organizations can require a more subtle approach, where taking the time to consider the different stakeholder groups, their needs and how best to engage with each of these is critical to ensuring that your website appropriately engages with your visitors.

Many NGO’s, charities and 3rd sector organisations have limited budgets and we therefore specialise in using open source CMS platforms for our clients websites. Whilst many agencies will offer WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, we have chosen to offer our client’s more enterprise class tools using TYPO3 CMS which is one of the most powerful and flexible CMS platforms available in both the commercial and open source market place, ensuring our clients have the best technology to power their websites.

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