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optimizing product copy for search engines that boost your sales.

We understand that an effective product description is more than just words; it’s a powerful tool that informs customers about the product, influences their purchasing decisions, and sets you apart from competitors. With a team of expert Amazon product description writers well-versed in marketplace guidelines and SEO techniques, we deliver keyword-optimized descriptions tailored to your target audience.

You Need to KnowOur Amazon product description writing services

Product data enrichment

We identify gaps and inconsistencies in product data (attributes, metadata, description, etc.) and enrich it with accurate and relevant details, making it more informative and reliable. We also gather missing details from manufacturer websites and other such verified sources to ensure high data reliability.

Amazon keyword research & optimization

Our copywriting experts research top-performing and relevant keywords for your products and use them to optimize your description. We also stay updated with Amazon’s ranking algorithm’s changes so we can tweak our optimization strategy and enhance the visibility and search rankings of your product pages.

Amazon Title aShort and long product descriptionsOptimization

Our copywriters create engaging and informative product descriptions that match your brand tone. We focus on highlighting the key benefits/USPs of your products in the description to address the common concerns of consumers and capture their attention.

Bulleted list of product features

We highlight the key features of your products in bullet points, allowing customers to easily differentiate them from competitors. By keeping bullet points short and crisp, we enhance their readability, enabling customers to quickly find the essential information they're looking for.

A+ content creation

Our Amazon product description copywriters create captivating A+ content for both Seller Central and Vendor Central accounts while complying with marketplace guidelines. We enhance product pages with engaging elements like comparison charts, high-quality videos, image carousels, and interactive product tours for increased customer engagement.

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    BUSINESS CARD DESIGNFrequently asked questions.

    The cost of Amazon product description writing services varies based on factors like description length, complexity, research and optimization needs, and the copywriter’s experience. At Alfalah Host, our pricing models are flexible, helping you save resources and money. You can share your project requirements with us at info@alfalahhost.com to get cost estimation and free consultation.

    We do whatever fits well with our clients. For example, if you need us to create optimized listing content and send it to you in any preferred file format, we will do that. If you want our team to upload the content for your listings and monitor them for continuous Amazon product optimization, we can do that as well.

    As an Amazon copywriting company, we prioritize data security by implementing measures like secure VPN access, multi-layer IP address netting, updated firewalls, and strict service-level agreements (NDAs) to prevent unauthorized access or breaches.

    You can communicate with our team (or dedicated project manager) over Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, Microsoft Teams or any other preferred communication channel for 24×6 support and assistance regarding your project.

    The turnaround time for your Amazon content writing projects is based on their size and complexity. We have a successful history of meeting clients’ preferred timeframes, and if needed, we can deliver compelling description copies within 12-24 hours to meet your specific requirements.

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