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As an Amazon seller, listing creation can be time-intensive if you have many products to upload. Adding the right SKUs, updating product prices, keeping uniformity in product data, and, most importantly, complying with the Amazon listing rules further add to this challenge. This is where our Amazon product data entry services come to the rescue.

We focus on creating comprehensive and engaging listings that draw online buyers and result in better sales & conversions. As a part of our Amazon listing services, we upload accurate product details, including title, description, price, images, and other product data. Our Amazon listing specialists are well-versed with the marketplace listing guidelines and can deftly create listings in a quick turnaround time.

You Need to KnowOur Amazon Product Listing Service Offerings

Amazon Bulk Upload Services

We help you alleviate hours of tedious work and upload all your products in one go to the marketplace. We compile and import products in bulk using product listing tools like Channel Advisor, SureDone, Linnworks, Volo, Adlister, Auctiva, and Inkfrog. You can provide us with your seller account credentials for bulk upload. Alternatively, we provide you with complete CSV files that you can upload effortlessly.

Product Categorization Services

Effective product classification helps improve product visibility and discoverability on the platform. With more than 36 broad product categories, assigning the correct category tag is paramount. Our Amazon listing creation experts sort and classify the products under appropriate categories and develop a taxonomy to help your customers find and land on the desired product page without hassles and in no time.

Amazon Product Data Upload

Our Amazon listing creating services entails keying in essential product data and attributes like price, product name, title, coupons & offer updates (if any), brand details, product description, manufacturer’s name, product images, and SKUs. Our professionals also add other relevant product data like product weight, color, shape, and size, making your listings complete and informative.

Amazon Product Image/Video Upload

Our Amazon product data entry also includes uploading your product images and videos, keeping Amazon image upload standards at the core. We perform basic image modification and resizing to meet the image uploading guidelines. For enhanced product image support, we offer product image editing & retouching services to help enhance images and remove/alter backgrounds.

Specialized Amazon Listing Support Services

For sellers looking for all-in-one Amazon listing support, we offer a comprehensive range of product listing services, including competitor analysis, keyword research, product description writing, copywriting, and Amazon listing optimization services. Following the best practices and employing skilled Amazon data entry experts, we help you create excellent listings that attract great sales & conversions.

Product Variation Listing Creation

Not all categories on Amazon allow creating listing variations. For relevant categories, our Amazon listing experts create parent ASIN, child ASIN(s), and variation themes to generate effective variations. We manually create variation listings through Seller Central or upload an inventory file based on your requirements.

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    BUSINESS CARD DESIGNFrequently asked questions.

    When you outsource Amazon product data entry services, you can benefit in the following ways-

    • Better scalability
    • Cost-effective solutions
    • Better employ your resources & time
    • 24*7 professional support
    • Better sales & conversions
    • Access to the most experienced Amazon listing specialists
    • High-quality listing services

    No, listing your products on Amazon is not free. For an individual plan, you’ll have to pay $0.99 every time you sell an item. However, the professional plan will cost you $39.99 monthly, no matter how many items you sell.

    We ensure high-quality product listing in the following ways:

    • Assigning the accurate product categories
    • Validating product data accuracy at every step
    • Meeting the set product listing criteria & guidelines by Amazon
    • Using the best practices & tools for product listing creation

    To help you gauge our expertise, we offer a demo upon client request. This sample is free of cost and NDA protected. Once you are satisfied with the given results, you can then sign a service agreement.

    At Alfalah Host, we create product listings in a quick turnaround time. However, the overall time to create listings depends on the number of products you want to upload to the marketplace.

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