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Virtual Reality places the viewers directly into a 360° 3D environment, where sound and seemingly real physical interaction coincide. With VR, the imagination takes flight and full feel is evoked complemented by the three-dimensional aspect for complete visualisation of the liveable aspect of the created structure.



We use a novel 3D technology to breathe life into your lifeless structures. See your floor plans bloom.


Get the precise measurements of your spaces in a three-dimensional panoramic setting.


Take advantage of easier editing and alterations in a manner which is light on your company resources.

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    Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated environment that simulates a three-dimensional space, providing users with an immersive and interactive experience. VR typically involves the use of specialized headsets and controllers to create a realistic and responsive virtual world.

    While traditional 3D architectural walkthroughs use panoramic images for an interactive experience, Virtual Reality takes it a step further by creating a fully immersive environment. VR allows users to feel present in the virtual space, enabling them to interact with the surroundings in a more dynamic and lifelike manner.

    Virtual Reality has applications across various industries, including gaming, healthcare, education, real estate, and more. It can be used for training simulations, virtual tours, architectural visualization, and even therapeutic interventions.

    Virtual Reality offers a more engaging and realistic experience compared to traditional methods. It allows users to explore and interact with architectural spaces as if they were physically present, providing a more immersive and memorable presentation.

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